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Perfect Discreet Places for an Arousing Affair

We hope you’re having an exciting experience on Out Of Town Affairs USA, and filling your spare time with plenty of extramarital affairs. Just in case you’re running out of inspiration for where exactly to meet up with your Out Of Town Affairs USA fuck buddy, let us remind you of some lustful locations…

Hotel Sex

Recent studies show that the most popular place to indulge in a sexy affair is in a Hotel, the obvious advantage being the privacy, knowing that you and your Out Of Town Affairs USA playmate can get up to absolutely anything behind those closed doors…

Hotel Sex

Public Toilet Sex

So you’ve got chatting to one of our sexy Out Of Town Affairs USA Members, and you decide to meet for a drink to kick-start your affair. As the alcohol flows, your sexual cravings are bound to go through the roof, so consider this a perfect opportunity to sneak off to the Public Toilet together for a naughty rendezvous.

*Remember* that space is usually limited in a toilet cubicle – we suggest you take it in turns to indulge in some oral sex, to really get the juices flowing, followed by some deep penetration against the locked door.

Car Shagging

If you fancy taking your Out Of Town Affairs USA fuck buddy on a road trip, the Car remains one of our favourite places for a rampant romp. If you’re a bit on the shy side, just find a secluded spot, perhaps as the sun goes down, and climb onto the back seat. Or, for all you extroverts out there, you can always get out of the vehicle, make your way to the front of the car and enjoy some hot penetration on the bonnet.

*Remember* to lock the hand brake – the last thing you want is to be enjoying a steamy sex session, only to feel yourselves slowly rolling down a hill!

Al Fresco Sex

To really get away from your mundane marriage, and to avoid being recognised in your own town, how about you and your Out Of Town Affairs USA playmate escape to somewhere further afield, and enjoy some Al Fresco sex? There’s nothing like feeling the wind in your hair and the grass on your back, while you get sexually satisfied at the same time.

*Remember* to check the mirror for grass stains and twigs in your hair before returning home to your partner, or at least have a very believable explanation prepared for when they start asking questions!

Sex with an Ex

Our final location is the riskiest of them all but still a firm favourite amongst our Out Of Town Affairs USA Members – if your partner is away for a long period of time, simply enjoy an affair in the comfort of Your Own Bed. If you have nosy neighbours, be sure to sneak your fuckbuddy in, and don’t forget to destroy all evidence that you’ve had company before your partner gets home.

*Remember* that this is the most common place to get caught cheating, so we strongly advise you only go for this option if you’re absolutely sure your partner won’t arrive home earlier than expected!

So, now that you have the location ideas, all you have to do is log into Out Of Town Affairs USA and find a sexy Member to enjoy some extramarital action with…

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