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Hotel Sex – The 10 Do’s and Don’ts

Hotel sex is an excuse for an indulgent, private and intensely sensual experience with your Out of Town Affairs USA companion. It may not be something you can treat yourselves to very often so you need to make the most of it, whether it be strictly physical or looking for a discreet place for a marital affair.


Hotel sex sets the stage for some great romantic (and raunchy) illicit encounters. In our modern, busy lives it can be difficult to make the time and space for great sex and reconnecting with your inner carnal desires. Removing yourselves to a hotel is a great way to get away from it all.

Hotel sex offers couples a private, bed focused space that encourages inhibitions to let loose. If budgets allow, this can be a very luxurious and indulgent experience. But even in the cheapest hotel room there is still a bed and a door to close on the rest of the world. Make this a safe, secret place where no fantasy is taboo and sensuality is the focus. Surprise and entice your sex partner.

Make the hotel room your room, a sensual sanctuary. Pamper yourselves with sounds, tastes, smells, touches and sights that tantalize and excite. The underlying theme of these romantic getaways should be pleasure in every form. This atmosphere of loving hedonism gives you and your sex dating partner permission to relax, trust, explore and have a lot of fun in the process.

Room service and housekeeping are some of the great fringe benefits of hotel sex. Food is just a phone call away. You need strawberries and whipped cream, a bottle of champagne? These are easy to get, as is a hearty morning after breakfast in bed. And even more titillating for some, you can just walk away and not have to clean up the mess that is left behind. Sounds like heaven to me!

What are you waiting for? Here are ten tried and tested do’s and don’ts for a sexy romantic getaway:

DO take advantage of any romance package the hotel may have; it’s likely to include champagne, chocolates and/or other sensual delights.

DO book a room with a tub big enough for two and the biggest bed/room you can afford. This will offer you the most options for space, sexual positions and opportunities.

DO dress up for each other right down to your sexy underwear and pack some extra wardrobe surprises. Treat this as the special night it is and put on your date face.

DON’T bring work with you; your cell phone, pager or PDA should not be a part of this experience (even on the vibrate setting).

DO put the “do not disturb” sign on the door to keep the rest of the world at bay as much as possible.

DO use massage to relax and focus completely on your sexual partner. Essential oils such as rose oil, jasmine, neroli and sandalwood are great aphrodisiacs that mix well with the scents of an aroused body.

DO take advantage of room service; the extra expense is worth not having to leave your room – or your bed.

DO prolong the adventure by checking in as early and out as late as possible.

DON’T worry about making a mess or cleaning up afterwards. That’s what hotel housekeeping is for.

DON’T forget to have as much fun as you can! Be playful, adventurous and relaxed. Let everything else drift away. While you are in the hotel the world should consist of the two of you alone (except for lovely room service).

Source: Hotel Sex Guide

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