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Perfect Discreet Places for an Arousing Affair

We hope you’re having an exciting experience on Out Of Town Affairs USA, and filling your spare time with plenty of extramarital affairs. Just in case you’re running out of inspiration for where exactly to meet up with your Out Of Town Affairs USA fuck buddy, let us remind you of some lustful locations…

Hotel Sex

Recent studies show that the most popular place to indulge in a sexy affair is in a Hotel, the obvious advantage being the privacy, knowing that you and your Out Of Town Affairs USA playmate can get up to absolutely anything behind those closed doors…

Hotel Sex

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We Love To Talk Fantasies Here At Out Of Town Affairs USA!

July 27th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in Fantasies & Fetishes, Love & Sex, New Features

When it comes to the wonderful world of sex, we all know that fantasies play a major part in our satisfaction, which is why they say the brain is the largest sex organ. Fantasies are a perfect way for us to escape our real-life sexual restraints, and engage our minds with erotic thoughts which, in reality, we might not get away with!

Here are six of our sexiest fantasies and reasons for why they are so popular…


Whether it involves two females and one male, or two males and one female, or even a same-sex threesome, it’s perfectly normal for us to fantasise about sex with two people at the same time. Why have just one horny individual satisfying you when you can have two?! We’re sure you’ll find plenty of open-minded Members on Out Of Town Affairs USA who would love to explore the threesome fantasy with you.

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Welcome to Out of Town Affairs USA Blog

July 13th, 2009 | No Comments | Posted in New Features

Big “Hello..” , we would like to welcome you to Out of Town Affairs USA Blog.

We have just added this blog to the website for adult dating free or full members and we are going to bring you anything we think would be of interest, sex advice, dating advice, keeping fit tips, free sex products (it’s amazing what you can find in the local pharmacy), we also want “YOU” to contribute to making this a great blog and if you have a naughty story why not share it on Out of Town Affairs. Also, we want to keep you updated about special offers and new site features – so it’s worth visiting the blog to make the most of your dating experience…

If you have any good or bad dating experiences worth sharing, naughty, wacky, weird or silly stories to add to the mix, please contact us on blog at or use the form below (we don’t need to know your full details, just a firstname or nickname).

Last but not least, we hope you enjoy the stories and please get involved, let’s make this fun whilst finding your next date!! Why not comment on this welcome post and let us know what you want on this blog over the coming weeks..